Confidentiality Agreement for Temporary Workers

Confidentiality Agreement for Temporary Workers

Many companies hire temporary workers for short-term contracts when required. Often these resources are required urgently, with short notice. How secure is your intellectual property however, in the hands of these relative strangers?

For full-time and long fixed term contracts of employment, employers often have elaborate and tight non disclosure and confidentiality agreements in place. Concern lies with casual workers who can be equally damaging to the firm without any repercussions where protective measures are often neglected.

To combat this, companies should issue a confidentiality agreement for all temporary workers prior to joining. A sample of a simple agreement can be seen below. This can be added to depending on the risk factor of the company involved. Where possible, security systems should be put in place to avoid temporary workers having access to any sensitive and potential valuable company information such as client lists and files, financial statements, strategic plans for the company, intellectual property, valuable equipment and naturally any cash. Ensure they are tightly managed at all times and have limited/restricted access to files that are not needed for their role.


Preventative models are paramount to avoid landing your company in these vicarious  positions. Kala Management Solutions Limited have a wealth of experience in providing HR solutions and can help set this up for you and train your staff on how to apply them using little of your time without sacrificing results. Have a proven track record of ensuring full compliance with all our clients and avoiding employment law cases.

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