Tips on what to do the night before and the day of your interview

Look your best on the day – First impressions last!

The Night Before the Interview

  • Relax – get a good night’s sleep.
  • Believe you are the best person for the job – they are not there to catch you out.
  • Wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that is appropriate for the industry you are applying to.
  • Have your outfit ready and laid out the day before the interview so you are not under pressure on the day.
  • Find out who you are meeting and their job titles and double check the interview time and date.
  • If you are unsure of the area, do a dry run journey to the interview location prior to the interview, so that you know how much time to allow for travel.

On the Day

  • Review the preparation that you have done – try to leave a break of at least 2 hours prior to the interview to clear your head.
  • Revise your particular strengths and areas for improvement and how you intend on bridging the gap for the role.
  • Have a meal so you are alert for the interview. Avoid eating garlicky or spicy foods beforehand!
  • Avoid using excessive or overbearing accessories, ties, etc or perfume/aftershave.
  • If possible, get some fresh air to clear your head prior to the interview.
  • Arrive near the office early to ensure that you are there on time. Do not arrive for the interview more than 5 minutes early.
  • Leave your coat at reception – and freshen up before you enter the interview room.
  • Smile at the people you meet within the office and remember the names and job titles of the people you are meeting for interview. these tips in mind and you might just enjoy the experience!

Best of luck job seekers.

Written by Gillian Donohoe MSc FCIPD, Managing Director, Kala Management Solutions Limited.

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