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HR Services Dublin

HR Services Dublin

HR services Dublin for all your HR Needs.

  • HR Services DublinDeveloping new or reviewing existing HR policies & procedures HR Services Dublin
  • Employee handbooks, contracts & conducting HR compliance audits HR Services Dublin
  • Design a high level HR function which only requires a HR administrator to run saving staff costs
  • Managing WRC disputes
  • Implementing systems for absence management & all HR administration which save time and money
  • Assessing the efficiency & effectiveness of HR structures, practices & systems in supporting overall business goals HR Services Dublin
  • Providing redundancy advice & support & unfair dismissals support HR Services Dublin
  • Manage employee grievance and disciplinary issues HR Services Dublin
  • Conducting in-depth job analysis to develop job specifications & creating cost effective job designs
  • Building high performance management system and motivational tools. This include non monetary rewards
  • Partnering with clients on recruitment & HR Services Dublinexecutive search projects to ensure “right hire, first time”
  • Executive coaching.
  • Designing tight tied agent agreements and other forms of contracts to protect your client base.

Please mail or call 01 619 0282 for further details on our services and fees.

HR Service Dublin. Kala Management Solutions offers ‘straight talking human resource (HR) advice’ for small businesses across all industries. Our goal is to provide HR management solutions to suit long and short term strategic business needs. We believe that if a strong HR infrastructure is implemented, it greatly reduces the risk of HR related issues which can have disastrous consequences for any business. Our team achieve this through effective listening to your business needs and then offering bespoke solutions for immediate issues and at the same time setting up structures to failsafe the business from reoccurrence and additional risks. This is all achieved in a cost effective and swift manner with an overall aim to set solid ‘foundations for your future’.    Send article as PDF   
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