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Redundancy Advice for Employers – How we can help you…

Kala Management Solutions have a proven track record for providing specialist redundancy advice, support and guidance for employers in a confidential and cost effective manner. We continue to manage the end to end process of hundreds of redundancies for clients annually. We understand the stress and complexities that arise when you are embarking on a redundancy process. Our forte is guiding you through the process in a stress free and sensitive manner ensuring all parties are treated with the upmost respect and dignity throughout, thus minimising the risk of upset and litigation. The process can be swift and completed within days. Every case is different and we focus on understanding your business and determining, in consultation with you, what the best and most cost effective options are available. We have managed redundancies for executives earning over one million euro’s to employees on minimum wage.

Our services include:

  • Strategising on whether or not redundancy is a viable option for your employees – there are also numerous other options available to clients which can be discussed.
  • Provide all the relevant documentation required.
  • Coach employers on providing notice to the relevant employee(s) – we can also conduct the redundancies on your behalf.
  • Calculation of the cost implications and options regarding redundancy payments.
  • The tax treatment of any proposed redundancy package
  • Calculation of employee’s entitlement to statutory redundancy and tax exemptions due in relation to taxable lump sums – termination payments, SCSB entitlements.
  • Guidance on settlement agreements, termination payments and supplying documentation to accompany these.
  • Ensure legal compliance throughout the redundancy process.
  • Offer outplacement services to redundant employees – (CV and interview coaching and job seeking assistance).
  • Manage Collective redundancies.

For more information on how we can help you with a redundancy, contact us today for a free consultation for redundancy advice for employers on or call (01) 619 02 82.R

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Redundancy Advice for Employers Redundancy Advice for Employers

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