How to Calculate Part-time Leave Entitlements


A common question we receive from employers and employees is regarding how to calculate part-time leave entitlements. This article will help you work out leave entitlements for your staff for annual leave and also for public holidays. Please note, Good Friday is not a public holiday.

Holiday Entitlement

The holiday entitlement for part time staff is dependent on their aggregate work hours. There are two different formulas used in calculating holiday entitlements for part time staff. The formulae are as follows:


Employees who work at least 117 hours in certain months throughout the year, are entitled to a1/3rd of a working week per calendar month.


Employees who work on a part time basis and work less than 117 hours per month will receive 8% of the hours they work in a leave year.


Jane Bloggs works from 9.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. five days per week.

4 hrs x 5 days            =    20 hrs per week

20 hrs x 52 weeks       = 1040 hours p.a.

1040 hrs x 8%                =  83.2 holiday entitlement

Note: An employee’s statutory leave should not exceed 20 days (4 weeks per annum). 

In this case the entitlement must be rounded down to 80 hours per annum.  As Jane’s working day is 4 hours, her annual leave entitlement is 20 days (80 ¸ 4).

Public Holiday Entitlement

All full time staff have an immediate entitlement to public holiday benefits.

Employees who are not full time and have part-time leave entitlements must fulfil the following criteria:

They must have worked for their employer for the last 40 hours in the preceding five weeks ending on the working day before the public holiday. Employees meeting this requirement are entitled to one fifth of the benefit based on their normal working week.

Example: An employee who works from Tuesday to Friday from 9.00a.m to 1.00pm is entitled to 4 hours benefit on a public holiday.

Calculating Public Holiday Entitlement

In order to qualify for a public holiday benefit, employees who are not full-time, that is part-time employees, must have worked for the employer concerned for at least 40 hours in the preceding 5 weeks, ending on the working day before the public holiday.

In respect of each public holiday, an employee is entitled to either:

a)     a paid day off on the holiday, or

b)     a paid day off within the month, or

c)     an extra day’s annual leave, or

d)     an extra day’s pay.

This is at the employer’s discretion.

A part-time employee who fulfils the above requirement, and who normally works on the day on which the public holiday falls, is entitled to one of the benefits above as outlined for full-time employees, based on the number of hours he/she would normally work on that day.

A part-time employee who fulfils the above requirement, but who does not normally work on the day on which the public holiday falls, is entitled to one-fifth of the benefit, based on their normal working week.  For example, where a part-time employee normally works 20 hours per week, he/she would be entitled to 4 hours benefit in the week a public holiday falls.

Where an employee’s employment ceases in the week before the public holiday is due to fall and the employee has worked for the organisation during the 4 weeks preceding that week, he/she is entitled to receive payment for that public holiday equivalent to his or her normal daily rate of pay.

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